Tidigare kullar - Our previous litters

Tidigare kullar - our previous litters

Kull 20230629 - Formel 1 och motorloppet Mille Miglia

By Frost Fiore Fortunato Ferrari + Eye In The Sky Eros Des Uns et Des Autres

4 hanar och 2 tikar född 20230629:

By Frost Splash And Dash - Aramis

By Frost Flying Lap - Niki (bibehållen avelsrätt)

By Frost Power To Pass - Valle 

By Frost Slipstreaming - Pablo

By Frost Pole Position - Ziggy

By Frost Mille Miglia - Figlia 

6 hanar + 6 tikar född 20220330

By Frost Fir Tree - Ixus

By Frost Brave Tin Sodier - Jensen

By Frost Emperor´s New Suit - Aske

By Frost Flying Trunk - Viggo

By Frost The Jumper - Torsten

By Frost The Windmill - Nisse

By Frost Red Shoes - Ruth (bibehållen avelsrätt)

By Frost Nightingale - Milla 

By Frost Ice Maiden - Sansa

By Frost Little Mermaid - Melly

By Frost Princess and The Pea - Nelly

By Frost Thumbelina - Essa

Kull 20220330 - kull HC Andersen´s - äventyrskullen:

By Frost Fiore Fortunato Ferrari + Camagis Kody/DK

4 hanar 3 tikar född 20210527:

By Frost Don Van Dutch - Bodhi

By Frost Donatello - Echo

By Frost Don Juan (bibehållen avelsrätt) - Otiz

By Frost Don Quijote- Harry

By Frost Prima Donna (stannar hos oss) - Moa

By Frost Bella Donna - Molly

By Frost Blue Donna - Diva

Kull 20210527 - kull Don och Donna

By Frost Italian Ice Cream + Pleun Bodhi Lissy van het Fijne Oord/NL

Kull 20201028 - kull Ferrari och en Alfa Romeo:

By Frost Fiore Fortunato Ferrari + Zerozerosette aka James Bond Des Uns et Des Autre/IT

3 hanar 5 tikar född 20201028:

By Frost Moving Mondial - Aslan

By Frost Turbo Tributo - Jamie

By Frost Magic Maranello - Enzo

(såld med bevarat avelsrätt)

By Frost Top Testarossa - Zoe

By Frost Lycky Lusso - Myra

By Frost Lovely La-Ferrari - Mira

By Frost Super Scuderia - Lovis

By Frost Giulietta - Giulietta (såld till

Allevamento Des Uns et Des Autres - Italien)

Kull/litter 27 augusti 2019 - kull Twister:

Mc Marra's Tomboy Twister + Endless Loveaffairs Chapman Feeling

4 hanar+4 tikar född 20190827

By Frost Popeye Twist - Olsson

By Frost The Twist - Charlie

By Frost Endless Twist - Aske

By Frost Lets Twist Again - Emil

By Frost Lets Do The Twist - Maya

By Frost Everybody Twist - Nova

By Frost A Perfect Twist - Alma

By Frost Twisterella - Maggie

Kull/litter 1. mars 2019 - kull italiensk glass:

By Frost Italian Ice Cream + Barbecue Bob le Doesquetaire

3 hanar+5 tikar - född 20190301

By Frost Gelato - Enzo

By Frost Pistacchio - Hippi

By Frost Bacio - Bob (stannar i kennelregi)

By Frost Amarena - Flicka

By Frost Nocciola - Gigi

By Frost Cassata - Cassi

By Frost Stracciatella - Ida

By Frost Vaniglia - Molly

Kull/litter 2017 - kull italienska lyxbilar:

Mc Marra's Tomboy Twister + Mistral Des Uns et Des Autres

3 tikar - född 20170717

By Frost Fiore Fortunato Ferrari - Saga (stannar på kenneln)

By Frost Mistral Mia Maserati - Sira

By Frost Bonis Bella Bugatti - Yuta 

Kull 2016/Litter 2016 - kull Frost/vinter:

Mc Marra's Tomboy Twister + Camelot Des Uns et Des Autres

7 valpar 4  hanar 3 tikar född 20160505:

By Frost Ice Breaker - Ozzy

By Frost Snowstorm - Aris

By Frost Snowflake - Luca (stannar i kennelregi)

By Frost Black Ice - Nelson

By Frost Ice Crystal - Sheila

By Frost Snow Queen - Elsa

By Frost Italian Ice Cream - Donna (stannar på kenneln)